Upcoming events and courses


Hope all is wonderful and smiling for you.

We have some upcoming events at Breathe, so save the date :-)

The 15th of November I will start my first class in Mindful Motherhood Training and the day after my next Baby Massage Course, both at think.dk in Æbeløgade 4.

The 18th of November we are really pleased to host:

CACAO SOUND :: Let me sing to you ::

A return journey to the maternal uterus, through the sound of the natural elements, the maternal sweet voice. Aine and Annie will sing and play, for all those who lie down will be around a circle, with them in the center. Each person will thus receive, lying in fetal position, the bath of singing and sound. Delivered to the Voice, and the original state of surrender, within the maternal uterus, to contact with the Mother Voice and life.

Recalling the primary state of delivery to life, fetal state. Reborn.

Embrace simple pleasures, welcome gratitude, sacred cacao is one of this planet’s major medicine-plant partners and facilitators, overlooked because it is not a psychedelic.

The food for the shift is used for your creativity, productive workplace focus , all day trekking or all night dancing, yoga, meditation, processing, emotional release, deeper partnered connecting, mindfulness. Truly helpful a major facilitator from inner change and play - to outer creativity and productivity - with a heart-centered focus.

You can buy your ticket on billetto, please note that due to the size of Breathe, only limited seats are available