Breathe de Lux

Breathe de Lux launch week!
Only for this week, you can try our new amazing treatment: 60 minutes pure relaxation and healing for 500kr instead of 600kr.
Start with 30 minutes massage to relax your body and mind and allow your soul to receive 30 minutes sound healing.
Contact me if you would like to book.
Take time to Breathe!


Breathe is moving!

Goodbye Jægersborggade 11!

Yes, Breathe is moving!!! After 3,5 beautiful years in my lovely studio in Jægersborggade and a flow of soulful moments, heart expansion, wonderful people, inspirations and intuitions, I am now ready for a new adventure.

From Monday 16/7 you will find me in Esromgade 15 @ Vita de Lux, a studio where my dear friend Aiste is giving Gong Bath, Coaching and Sound Healing sessions. Find out more here ;-)

I will change only location but I will continue offering my treatments, baby massage and mindfulness workshops.
I look forward to seeing you! ...and I'll offer 15% off on your first treatment in Esromgade 15 on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of July.

You can always reach me by email, message, online booking or with a call ;-)

Hope to seeing you soon!
Breathe...and..."Shine like the whole universe is yours" ( Rumi)

With a grateful heart!

Baby Massage Course and Mindful Motherhood Training

Hej lovely people,

Did you see Breathe´s new treatment room? My father has been here and fix it, it´s just soooo wonderful!

My next Baby Massage Course will start the 7th of March at 14:00 and I will facilitate a Mindful Motherhood Training for pregnant women starting the 20th of March at 16:30.

Anyone interested?

Looking forward to seeing you soon


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3rd Anniversary!

Hey beautiful souls!

Hope you are feeling great.
Some news for you:

Next Thursday 15/2 will be Breathe's 3 years anniversary. So I'd like to celebrate offering 15% off on your favorite treatment and on all bookings issued that day :-)

I will have a Baby Massage course and a Mindful Motherhood Workshop in March, contact me for further information or to sign up.

I started also offering Space and Energy clearing consultations, more info soon on my website ;-)

...and do not forget Valentine's day ;-)...for you, for your what lights you up, nourish yourself with heart expanding emotions.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Breathe in smiles

Nouchi shea butter

We are proud to have this beautiful products here at Breathe.

Nouchi IVS aims promoting and participating to the sustainable development of the African continent.

NOUCHI shea butter is extracted from the best shea nuts of Burkina Faso by the 150 women of the association DOLLEBOU by traditional methods. Therefore, no chemical solvent is used in the process. As a result, our shea butter has all its natural principles and nutrients preserved. Indeed, together with  fatty acids, NOUCHI shea butter contains high quantities of phytosterols, karitène, carotenoids (which give its ivory colour), and vitamins A, D, E, F and K. In addition, it has the typical scent of the 100% unrefined shea butter.


Upcoming events and courses


Hope all is wonderful and smiling for you.

We have some upcoming events at Breathe, so save the date :-)

The 15th of November I will start my first class in Mindful Motherhood Training and the day after my next Baby Massage Course, both at in Æbeløgade 4.

The 18th of November we are really pleased to host:

CACAO SOUND :: Let me sing to you ::

A return journey to the maternal uterus, through the sound of the natural elements, the maternal sweet voice. Aine and Annie will sing and play, for all those who lie down will be around a circle, with them in the center. Each person will thus receive, lying in fetal position, the bath of singing and sound. Delivered to the Voice, and the original state of surrender, within the maternal uterus, to contact with the Mother Voice and life.

Recalling the primary state of delivery to life, fetal state. Reborn.

Embrace simple pleasures, welcome gratitude, sacred cacao is one of this planet’s major medicine-plant partners and facilitators, overlooked because it is not a psychedelic.

The food for the shift is used for your creativity, productive workplace focus , all day trekking or all night dancing, yoga, meditation, processing, emotional release, deeper partnered connecting, mindfulness. Truly helpful a major facilitator from inner change and play - to outer creativity and productivity - with a heart-centered focus.

You can buy your ticket on billetto, please note that due to the size of Breathe, only limited seats are available

Redecoration of the waiting room


We have redecorated a little bit the waiting room...we have beautiful things and furniture from one of my favourite shop in town, The Organic Club!  We have lamps from Bali, handcraft items and organic beauty products.
Come in and have a look...and feel the renewed energies of Breathe...and if you'd like to book a massage Hanna is available;-)

I am still enjoying my baby and the maternity leave and I have only few slots available the 28/6 and 30/6...probably some more days in July.

You can either book online or contact me ;-)
See you soon and take time to Breathe ;-)


New Baby massage course


Happy 2016!

I just came back from Genova ( Italy) where I attented a IAIM course to become Instructor in Baby Massage.

It was so wonderful, so I look forward to share my experience with you and to get started with baby massage courses and workshops at Breathe.

I will have the first 5 weeks course this week with 5 couple of parents and their babies starting the 13/1 as part of my educational training..but I will be back with a new course in the next check out my website or facebook page for upcoming events.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you´d like to have more information.




Have you ever wondered what all those names on your cream packages mean? Do you have the feeling that you should get more for your money? Learn how to read INCI labels, what are the main cosmetic formulations and how to make your cosmetics using natural, organic ingredients.

The workshops will take place at Breathe Massage on Jægerborgsgade 11.

VISIT HERBARIA.DK for more information on the courses and how to enrol.

Also write to if you have questions!


Sunday 24 May from 10 to 12 or from 14 to 16

The workshop is structured in four sessions of meditation in movement, each one centered on a natural element (earth, air, fire and water). The work is  proposed as a journey of relaxation, transformation, rediscovery of every onequalities. An experience in which physical and energetical body and mind will be involved. It will be a way to unity and knowledge of ourself.
The journey will conduct the participants in territories, known or unknown, for psychological wellbeing and awareness of personal resources.
PRACTICAL EXERCISES will be conducted during the 2 hours. We suggest comfortable clothing.
COSTS: 250Kr

After the workshop it will be possible get a
Tibetan Bells & Shamanic Drums Treatment
Let you captivate by the ancient and wise sounds of Sciamanic Drum and Tibetan Bells.

Grant you a break from daily stress with the natural elements, which will take care of you by touches, perfumes and melodies in order to restore body, mind and spirit.

1h treatment costs 450kr
For bookings or enquiries write to:

Ylenia Fiorini:

Dr. Claudia Cornali, Transpersonal Psychotherapist:
phone. 339.19.56.987
Dr. Stefania Tili, Transpersonal Psychotherapist:
phone. 349.43.15.240