Body, Mind and Soulful Treatments in Copenhagen

"Shine like the Universe is all yours"


Breathe is... a reminder for me and for everybody to just slow down, take a deep breath and focus in the now, in this precious present moment.

I am a seeker, a dreamer, somebody who believes in synchronicities and the magic of life, who believes that there is always a reason, for each meeting, for each new step toward the realization of our goals, always with a grateful heart.

I have many years of experience in the SPA sector as a massage therapist and Reiki Master, in luxury wellness center and SPAs in Italy, Spain and Denmark ( I am currently working at Marienlyst Spa too, a place where my soul just soak up the beauty of the seaside).

I really love my job, actually it doesn´t feel like a job for me, because I like so much to see people leaving the treatment room with a smile, with a lighter soul and relaxed body.

I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), I love to facilitate the course with parents and their babies, I firmly believe that the nurturing touch is the base for loving future generations. I am a mum of two beautiful little girls, who made me discover my strenght and also my weaknesses, that´s why I decided to become facilitator in Mindful Motherhood Training too.

I am also an Intuitive Space and Energies Clearing coach. I guide Soulfulness workshops and Mindful Wine Tastings too ;-)

My favourite quote is trust the timing of your life:)

I´ll see you at NOR in Hejrevej 30, NV.

Keep Shining



Copenhagen N & NV

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